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Home of Spellkeeper by FlashGameDistribution

Deep inside the forest of the elves, hidden from a traveler's eye...

Taxi Cab Plane Jigsaw by newgamess

Select one of the game modes before you start playing the game, is it going to be the jigsaw mode or the sliding mode? As you probably know, the goal inside these games is to put the pieces from the puzzle in their right positions to complete the puzzle at the end. If playing with limited time is simply too hard for you, you can turn it off and continue playing without the time limitation. In sliding mode you can turn on background for more help.Enjoy!

Kraz Truck Jigsaw by newgamess

At this jigsaw game we offer you a picture of Russian Kraz Truck. Pick one mode to play, jigsaw or sliding and enjoy. There are four different modes in jigsaw game: easy medium hard and expert. You have time and you need to finish the game before time runs out but if you think that you have little time you can stop it on the timer.In sliding mode you can turn on background if you need more help.

My Little Pony Cutie Match by mylittlepony

Amuse yourself with this classic match it game. Help My Little Pony to make groups of three or more identical cutie marks to destroy them. Change the color of the background and complete all levels and gain points.

Frisian Islands Jigsaw by FlashGameDistribution

Use the mouse to put together three great pictures of the Frisian Islands in five sizes and five shape cuts.

Summerfunhiddenobject by findobjectgames

This is a level based game , where you have to find all the mentioned Numbers within the given time. Find the hidden Numbers inside the image within the specified time in 4 different levels. All the best and have fun!

Abandoned Farm Escape by FlashGameDistribution

You were on your way home after visiting your grandparents. Your car broke down and now you must escape!

Warship Jigsaw by FlashGameDistribution

Collect these animated 3D jigsaw puzzles from pictures of the military cruiser which is waging a war.

Max Fury Death Racers by y8games

This is one of the most anticipated racing games. Your mission is to conquer the track! Make fast money and upgrade your car.

Max Fury Death Racer by y8games

This is one of the most anticipated racing games. Your mission is to conquer the track! Make fast money and upgrade your car.

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Space Traffic Controller by giraffe77

In this fantastic action/puzzle game, you are called to guide spaceships to their destination. Your mission require speed, agility and planning capacity. Are you ready?

Rambo Mario Bike by flashsubmitservice

Did you always wanted to have Mario as rambo on a bike ? This is your chance to experience it! Have fun.

Popopop by rob_almighty

Have fun doing what you've always wanted to do! Set off wonderfully colourful chain reactions and pop all the balls to win each level. See if you can manage all 42 of them. The game doesn't stop there though! Create your own levels using the level editor and rate on and play other user-created levels.

Aeroz by bablukid

Eat the red balls with your dragon kite !

Bow Chief by Heyzap

You are a highly skilled archer, who must fight all his opponents and defeat them, to become to the Bow Chief, you only have 50 Arrows to do so.

Treasure of Big Totem 3 by edifede

Deep in the island lies the treasure of big totem...

1850s fashion by dressupkiss

How were women dressed in 1850s? Have you ever wondered? Let's play and see.

tattoo artist by stonemale

tatto artist

Caring for Teddy by onlyfungames

A nice teen have his prefered Teddy Bear and want to dress her. She want first to be dressed and than dress the teddy bear.

The Wizard of Blox by ttursas

Only a true wizard can perform these 45 magic tricks and make the blocks disappear!

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