Airline by gfjones68

In Airline, you buy airplanes, choose routes and amenities, set ticket prices, and do your best to keep your customers happy. It's all about customer satisfaction. The higher your customer satisfaction, the more flight points you will earn, allowing you to level up and unlock more airplanes. A low customer satisfaction will surely keep you off the leader board!

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By gfjones68

Penguins Jigsaw Puzzle by gfjones68

Penguins jigsaw puzzle. 4 levels of difficulty. Enjoy!

SR-71 Blackbird Jigsaw Puzzle by gfjones68

SR-71 Blackbird jigsaw puzzle. 4 levels of difficulty. Enjoy!

Tulip 2 Jigsaw Puzzle by gfjones68

Tulip 2 jigsaw puzzle. 4 levels of difficulty. Enjoy!

Tulip Jigsaw Puzzle by gfjones68

Tulip jigsaw puzzle. 4 levels of difficulty. Enjoy!

Purple Iris Jigsaw Puzzle by gfjones68

Purple Iris jigsaw puzzle. 4 levels of difficulty. Enjoy!
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World of Pain RPG: Chapter 3 by matakukos

This is the new rpg game with tons of upgrades and fixes and with totally new graphics! Tons of quests, items, mosters and a huge world map with this beautiful graphics! Help your player to stop the terrible war of your home world.

Alphabet Shoot by sillyjelly

An amazing physics-based puzzle game. Using the A, S, D, and F keys on your keyboard fire the alphabet letters to the matching letters. Use your mouse to aim wisely because you only have a few shots for each level.

Book of Mages 2: The Dark Times by blu3bird

一款多支线的角色扮演游戏! 你是个年轻,天分极高的魔法学徒,在黑暗时代来到了法界,写下你自己的历史! 与众不同的战斗系统,错综复杂的故事,自由发展的情节.想成为正义的法师,还是加入邪恶的势力?历史由玩家掌控!

Guess Numb by Hearse

Utilize logic and luck to determine if the next random number shown will be higher or lower than the current number you see.

Rabbit Eats Carrot by freegameswow

This is a classic cut-rope game. Use you brain and scissors to feed the baby rabbit with carrots! Have fun!

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