Are we made 4 each other by webbiz

Test out if you are made for each other, the higher you score the more you are made for each other

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By webbiz

Are U Weird by webbiz

See how weird you are take the quiz see how you rate do you think you are weird

Bats Vampire Shooter by webbiz

Shoot these vampire bats see how many you can kill add more to the screen and shoot them down

Skeleton Sniper Gamer by webbiz

The skeletons are running around the graveyard, use your sniper rifle to take them down

Are you a Good Girlfriend by webbiz

Do the quiz answer the questions see how you rate are you a good girlfriend

How well do you know your boyfriend by webbiz

The quiz to find out how well you know your boyfriend find out how you rate
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Touch Typing by babercan

Are you a fast keyboard user? Prove it !!

Comfy Lounge Escape by Rotuc

Escape from comfy lounge.

Puzzle Fishes - 1 by juegaenred

Fishes puzzle

Megamind -1 by juegaenred

Megamind coloring page game

looking 4 little dudes 2 by djinn33

find 10 little dudes in a surreal landscape

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