Are we made 4 each other by webbiz

Test out if you are made for each other, the higher you score the more you are made for each other

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By webbiz

Does your crush really like you by webbiz

Fun quiz to find out if your crush really likes you the higher you score the more they like you

Space Words Scramble by webbiz

Find out what the hidden word is, unscramble the letters to solve the word puzzle

Does she have a crush on you by webbiz

Do The quiz find out if she has a crush on you Test your Crush Here

Will you be a BabyMama Soon by webbiz

Fill out the quiz see how you rate will you be a babymama soon

Answer Me Bubble Pop Jokes by webbiz

Funny Answer Me This Bubble Pop Jokes, Pop a Bubble and Get new jokes
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Mario Big Bang 2 by freegameswow

Mario Big Bang 2, More levels are added in. Little mushroom monster is hiding at the home of uncle Mario and the hiding places are out of reach. Can you find a way to help uncle Mario solve this problem? Instruction: First of all we need to layout settings(Including square/triangle blocks and four directions thrust), and then let the bomb fall down and hit little mushroom monster automatically.

Astronauticus by asitgames

By directing a rocket, you should to rescue the astronauts who get lost in the outer space. Controls: Use mouse

virtual reality by mcastro1988

Jigsaw Puzzle - virtual reality

Save The Candy's by ilovegames

You have to get rid of the pumpkins to save the candys. You can do this by getting the pumpkins in the traps.  Use your mouse 

Paccoland by whileworking

Get Pacco through loads of challenging mazes in the arcade skill game Paccoland! Avoid or eat the monsters, grab all coins and reach the exits!

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