Jigsaw: Beach Heart by Karinah

I love sunny days at the beach. Do you?

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By Karinah

Jigsaw: Red Tree by Karinah

A Smashing red tree in cold autumn air.

Jigsaw: Passage Tomb by Karinah

Passage tomb in Ireland. Green plains under a heavy sky.

Jigsaw: Staring Cow by Karinah

Cows just waiting for UFOs.

Jigsaw: Hazelnut Chocolate by Karinah

Delicious hazelnutty joy! With a crunch in every piece.

Jigsaw: Cherub by Karinah

A cute little angle in the middle of the grass just looking after you.
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Smashing Bogy by ozma

Destroy the Bogy by find two or more Bogy of the same type then click with your mouse The Bogy will drop from top to the bottom so think fast You can score more point if you get combo. Combo is destroy more than two bogy at the same time..

Spaulding's Maze Ball by giraffe77

Find a way to the exit (blue circle) in 30 seconds. Move your ball with arrows. However your ball can only move in a straight line. So watch out and Good Luck! ?? AutoSave function: when you finish a level your highscore automatically saved. ?? HighScore table ?? At first run we suggest: go to Highscore menu and customize your player's name. Download Now for FREE from Googe Play

Beach Cave jigsaw by Geo3kant

A beautiful beach scenery, wouldn't you want to be on that beach right now? Good luck solving this puzzle!

Alex Meets Ally Volume5 1 by giraffe77

Make Alex to meets Ally by removing blocks between them and by saving from evil elements.

Mah Jong Deluxe by veryclip

Connect identical MahJong to each other to clear the board.

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