Jigsaw: Beach Heart by Karinah

I love sunny days at the beach. Do you?

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By Karinah

Jigsaw: Washington Spring by Karinah

Pretty picture from the cherry garden in Washington.

Jigsaw: Wedding Cake by Karinah

Lovely wedding cake with pink flowers.

Jigsaw: Yellow Flowers by Karinah

picking flowers on the meadow. Pretty yellow flowers.

Jigsaw: Hills Terrace by Karinah

A winter without snow would be nice.

Jigsaw: St. Angelo by Karinah

Castel saint Angelo.
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Escape from Magic World by dressupkiss

One day, John, saw a cave while walking in the woods. He wondered what's in there. In the end, decided to enter the cave. A surprise was waiting for him. Evil witch in the cave, imprisoned him in a room in the world of magic. Hid the key. John, by finding the key to escape from the main gate within 15 minutes. Otherwise, it will remain in prison forever in this room.

Halloween -1 by juegaenred

Halloween coloring page game

Santa Cat Puzzle by niklec

Look at this adorable cat with a beautiful Santa hat and adorable blue eyes. Look at this image very carefully, choose the mode, than press shuffle and start playing this fun Santa Cat Puzzle game. Try to put all the pieces in the right place. Select from: easy, medium, hard and expert mode. In every next mode there are more and more pieces that you have to put at the right place. Play time limited or remove the time and play relaxed. If you can’t solve the puzzle, press on the button at the left up corner to see the image once again. If you like cats then this game is the right for you. Enjoy solving this jigsaw puzzle!

Timber Truck Puzzle by newgamess

This time we offer you image of Volvo 6x6 timber truck. One of the best truck for that job. Click shuffle and start to play. Try to solve the game for a given time. Choose your mode depending of your expertise and play.

Japan by Realore

Age of Japan is an incredible puzzle entertainment, which shines with unique graphics. All game levels are rendered with Japanese style and show different seasons of the year.

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