Jigsaw: Beach Heart by Karinah

I love sunny days at the beach. Do you?

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By Karinah

Jigsaw: Three Doors by Karinah

I think I'll go for the one in the middle.

Jigsaw: Yellow Farm by Karinah

Bright yellow farm buildings on a summer day.

Jigsaw: Red Star by Karinah

Glowing red star on the Christmas tree.

Jigsaw: Roof by Karinah

Climbing the roof like Santa Claus.

Jigsaw: Donkey by Karinah

Hungry donkey eating grass.
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Hot Sexy Girl Sliding by uronstone

Play this sliding puzzles games of the hot sexy girl. Use mouse or arrow keys to move the sliding blocks and restore the pictures.

Assembler Mobile 2 by Bryce

Assembler optimized for mobile devices. Intellectually challenges players with new puzzling levels and an entire new gameplay mechanic -- gravity changing. This game runs great on Android 2.2 smartphones, but is also playable on a computer. Note that it requires a minimum flash player version of 10.1.

Hummer Alpha Disorder by shopyland

Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap a pieces position, click on the piece, and then the neighboring one.

Magic Land by kankioyun

Press on start to scramble the pieces.Click and drag pieces on the grid.If you need some help,you can reveal the picture underneath the grid.By clicking on the "Next Puzzle" button,you willl get access to another puzzle.

Match Pairs by bachiin

In this game player must pick out 2-same identical images by mouse left clicking. Game is end when player matches all the flips.

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