Jigsaw: Beach Heart by Karinah

I love sunny days at the beach. Do you?

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By Karinah

Jigsaw: Donkey by Karinah

Hungry donkey eating grass.

Jigsaw: Cityscape by Karinah

Both new and old buildings are a part of a city landscape.

Jigsaw: Cloister Well by Karinah

Beautiful back garden in Italy.

Jigsaw: Wall Path by Karinah

Walk the wonder path by the wall. Can you find the end of it?

Jigsaw: Ivy House by Karinah

The Ivy is taking over this house. Soon it will be Christmas all year.
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Killer Sudoku by faisal007

Classical Japanese number game.

Bouquet The Flowers by swebie

Employ yourself in making an exquisite and eye catching Bouquet by artfully bunching the flowers from the basket and have fun.

10 Gnomes 9 by Mateusz_Skutnik

find 10 gnomes within 10 minutes. Part 9.

Bustabrain 2 by Ninjadoodle

Bust your own brain with Bustabrain 2: The Dice of Doom!

MindBlow by TurbRono

Hello everybody, this game is a pretty simple puzzle game, it all starts easy and as you'll progress through the levels you'll have to make more and more strategic moves put your mind to the test and solve all the levels. have fun and enjoy !

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