Jigsaw: Nice Cottage by Karinah

A nice British cottage.

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By Karinah

Jigsaw: Dinner Plate by Karinah

Dinner on a hot Plate.

Jigsaw: Cherry Tomatoes by Karinah

Yummy tomatoes perfect for salads.

Jigsaw: River Surface by Karinah

A wet scenery from the river.

Jigsaw: Shellfish by Karinah

Eat the shellfish as fast as you can!

Jigsaw: Black Cat by Karinah

Black cat staring to control your mind.
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Puzzle NBA Finals 2009-10, Game 4, Lakers 89 - Celtics 96 by juegaenred

NBA Finals 2009-10, Game 4, Los Angeles Lakers 89 - Boston Celtics 96 Puzzle game

Animation Football Quiz 3 8 by giraffe77

The first and second AnimationFootballQuiz games have already been played more than 500.000 times within the last month. Now time has come to follow up the success with this third edition that take graphic, animations and gameplay to new heights.

Five Trucks by FlashGameDistribution

Five Trucks is a cool Truck racing game in witch you race head to head with opponents. You Can win money witch you can use in the shop to unlock other trucks

Snowboard Challenge by gamesinaflash

Snowboard down the mountain avoiding obstacles, and making jumps for points.

Homerun Bros by truebluecreature

Run & Batter up with the Bros as they chance to be part of a game on the century.

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