Three Wheeled Breaker by FlashGameDistribution

Physics break out game.

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By FlashGameDistribution

Meteor Storm by FlashGameDistribution

Defend the moon base from the Meteor Storms!

History of War : Romans by FlashGameDistribution

Roman themed RTS wargame. 12 themed missions (some set at night) with RPG storyline. Become a Roman General and defend Rome from the Barbarian invaders.

Shoot'n'Shout by FlashGameDistribution

Use your gun and your bazooka to defeat all the enemies and save the world!

Rock It by FlashGameDistribution

Rock-It is a modern day artillery and strategy game with a simple primary goal, make sure your rocket meets its destination. This task is much easier said than done. You control the trajectory, power, boost, and angle as you attempt to guide a rocket to its target without fail. The game has a wide variety of environmental hazards to impede your progress throughout the game. Wind, birds, turrets, UFO's, and moving landscapes must all be considered when launching your rocket into the sky. After completing a level, the player is rewarded with a plethora of upgrades to help them through the next stage. 15 different level are available in 3 different game modes. Let's see if you have what it takes to Rock-It
More Action,Puzzle Games

Pixel Explorer by FlashGameDistribution

Go to the pixel world, control the time, examine your enemies and take their treasures!

Puzzles Turtle by FlashGameDistribution

Use the mouse to collect five pictures with the turtles.

Star Thummy by FlashGameDistribution

Help Thummy jump on the stars to get points. Double points for shooting stars.

Save the Birds by FlashGameDistribution

these birds are so hungry and have no strength to fly, can you shoot foods to them to save them?

Quartet by FlashGameDistribution

Assemble the faces as quickly as possible in this pixel styled puzzle game of speed, reaction and strategy.

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