Three Wheeled Breaker by FlashGameDistribution

Physics break out game.

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By FlashGameDistribution

Dream Stone by FlashGameDistribution

Dream Stone is a type of shooting box game

Gluey 2 by FlashGameDistribution

Remove clusters of like-coloured blobs in order to clear each level. Think strategically in order to prevent each level overfilling with blobs.

The Ultimate Maze Game 2 by FlashGameDistribution

A maze game which is unique in its combination of mazes and logic. Be warned, it is addictive and very frustrating!

Trapr by FlashGameDistribution

Click around the character and make them trapped inside.
More Action,Puzzle Games

Catch the star 2 by FlashGameDistribution

In Catch the Star 2 it's your job to knock all the stars out of the sky with a few well-placed moves. Using a realistic physics engine, send parts toppling through space as you try to clear each challenging level. A brain-bender with an action twist!

Missing Duckling by FlashGameDistribution

The mother duck gets trapped inside a dangerous bubble herself. Her son is going to save her and you have to help him.

OrbWars Mayhem by FlashGameDistribution

An action-puzzle game with several twists. Dualplayer action! Use various spell attacks to disturb your rival while you're solving your own stacks! Bidding ends Nov. 6 GMT+7

Trans Gem by FlashGameDistribution

The more this breakout game transforms, the more you realize this game's a real gem.

Annie and Mark's Adventure by FlashGameDistribution

Ten funny physics puzzles for you to solve. Annie and Mark's Adventure begins when you click.

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