Three Wheeled Breaker by FlashGameDistribution

Physics break out game.

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By FlashGameDistribution

Selection of England, Group C, South Africa 2010 Puzzle by FlashGameDistribution

Puzzle Selection of England, Group C, South Africa 2010 game

The Lost Prince by FlashGameDistribution

Our hero wakes up in the middle of the strange forest. Will you help him?

Teddy Bear Dress-up by FlashGameDistribution

Use the side arrows to change the different parts and create your own customized plushie teddy bear!

Doeoriki by FlashGameDistribution

Doeo meets Gogoriki from 4Kids TV! Go, Go! Doeoriki!
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Killheads by FlashGameDistribution

Killheads is great combination of zombie shooting and 'match-three' puzzling with an atmospheric (and bloody!) horror theme. Match up and pop the monster heads before they reach the barricade. Use grenades to get out of a tight spot. Killheads has thirteen levels of relentless head-popping action and an online leaderboard for the best completion times.

Medical Memory by FlashGameDistribution

Click on a card to flip and reveal the image. Match alike cards to keep them appeared. Try to match all the cards as fast and in as little clicks as you can.

Dwarven Castle by FlashGameDistribution

Match 4! Help Dwarves to reach better lands!

Crazy Motions by FlashGameDistribution

Crazy rock'n'roll shapes will not let you sleep!

Juicy Bazooka by FlashGameDistribution

Revenge is a dish best served NOW! It's time to get crazy with your brand new Juicy Bazooka!

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