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Bucketball 2 by Heyzap
the next big thing when it comes to balls and buckets.
Agony: the portal [ad free heyza by Heyzap
Blockz! by Heyzap
Blockz! is a multiplayer version of famous tetris game. Enjoy pretty colors and music, 2 modes, 3 types of figures - square, three-cornered and hexangular. Be faster than your opponent! Enjoy the free online competition!
Black Jack by BlackAcePoker.com by Heyzap
Welcome to Black Ace Poker's Casino! Earn much money you can with our Black Jack in five minutes! by www.blackacepoker.com
3Cards by Black Ace Poker by Heyzap
The three cards Game! Look closely the black Ace and find it to earn as much money as possible in few minutes! by www.blackacepoker.com
battle run2 by Heyzap
a,s,w,d or arrow keys to move. space to fire. b to bomb.
DinoKids - 100M Sprint by Heyzap
DinoKids -100M Sprint is a simple and fun mini game. With a cute Dinosaur character you can run fast and make new record.
ChooChoo by Heyzap
You’re driving the world's first Super War Train. Your task is to defend your lands from an invading force, complete missions and destroy enemy bosses.
baloon by Heyzap
Futhark - Odin's Quest by Heyzap
The god Odin went to great lengths to gather as much knowledge as possible. The power of the Runes was one of those things. Follow in his footsteps and gain knowledge of all 24 of the Futhark runes in this great match 3 game.
Ballistic by Heyzap
See how many balls you can avoid in 60 seconds!
Oermens gevecht by Heyzap
motherload by Heyzap
World's Hardest Maze Game by Heyzap
Come and play the World's Hardest Maze Game, how quickly can you finish the maze?
Pendulu meca by Heyzap
you are a little mechanized machine cling your way through many levels and try not to let go or your in for it
Russian KRAZ by Heyzap
Deliver the goods fast as you can! Earn points and bonuses for tricks and delivery quality Up and Down Arrow – Throttle. Space – Brake. Left Arrow – Lean Back. Right Arrow – Lean Forwards.
Guitar Maker by Heyzap
make your own guitar design!
Animator vs. Animation by Heyzap
Battlefield 2 by Heyzap
The two war veterans RAZOR-35X and GODHEAD-SSX back in action to rescue a group of elite scientists. Armed with AK-47s, shotguns, flamethrowers and grenades they blast their way through the enemy forces. Control: mouse for aim and click to shooting w,a,s,d keys to move 1,2,3 keys choosing the weapon space key to get enemie weapon g key for granade p key to pause the game h toogle hide and show the panel
Dirt Bike Championship by Heyzap
The dirtbike series taken to the next level.. Race on the rough roads to win!
18 Wheeler 2 by Heyzap
The sequel to the amazing 18-wheel truck driving game is now here! It has a ton of new features! Play 18 wheeler 2!
18 Wheeler 3 by Heyzap
Your life is turned upside down as he returns to Texas, only to get involved with a local gang. Now you must work your way out by working for them using your driving skills. Your life depends on it!
Jumpstyle by Heyzap
Ben 10 and Cuatrobrazos Jigsaw by Heyzap
Ben 10 and Cuatrobrazos Jigsaw , Newest ben10 games on oynatarak.com
Ben 10 Giydirelim by Heyzap
Ben10 Turkish Dress Up Game
Dope Gang XD by Heyzap
Here comes the new age of dealing dopes. Build your own mafia, buy guns, survive the police, travel the world, buy businesses and expand your empire!
Ben 10 Super Penalty by Heyzap
Ben10 Super Penalty! from Oynatarak.com Game Team.. Choose your hero ; Ben 10 or Gwen and start game , Be carefull wind ... when you shoot the ball . Cheat goalkeeper and shoot and goal. You can use mouse or "space" button for shoot. You can submit your score . Enjoy!!!
Baby vs Spiders by Heyzap
Fight against hordes of creepy spiders and other creatures in this incredible top-down shooter! Three game modes, 8 weapons, 5 insect Queens to kill, 10 perks, 4 types of ammo and INFINITE amount of fun! Double - tap arrow keys to jump, tap E and Q to switch weapons, G to throw grenade. Tap F to place mine. Tap 1,2,3,4 to switch ammo type and 5,6,7,8 to chose perk.
Batman dangerous building by Heyzap
Help your favorite hero Batman climbing the five dangerous towers. Beware of the Joker who will try to make your mission fail.
Hannah Montana Jigsaw Puzzle by Heyzap
A new Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) Jigsaw puzzle. With 3 brand new photos of Miley Curus. You choose your favorite Hannah Montana photo and how many puzzle pieces.
Apple Snake by Heyzap
Classic game with a twist. Eat apples, kill enemies to survive
Tiger Woods Car Crash by Heyzap
Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, are fighting. Tiger drives the car away. Elin follows his car and drop the golf to the car. You need to help Tiger to escape from the scene.
10 Trolls by Heyzap
Find all 10 of the cute little creatures that have gotten lost!
'Twas the night before Christmas by Heyzap
Late one evening, Billy and Jane was having a dream or an unforgettable adventure? Find the differences, enjoy the story, and find out if the adventure holds true…
Christmas Present Overflow by Heyzap
Christmas Present Overflow - Awesome flash game specially designed for this Christmas. Hope you enjoy it :) leave your feed back at :http://exoot.100webspace.net/contact.php
Racing Car Jigsaw Puzzle by Heyzap
Play the Racing Car Jigsaw Puzzle with 3 pictures of amazing racing cars.
60 Second Crash by Heyzap
Blast as many blocks as you can in this frantic puzzle game!
Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle by Heyzap
Play the Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle with funny pictures of Spiderman, Spongebob and Winnie the Pooh!
Arcuz - Behind the Dark by Heyzap
Arcuz is an Action Role Play Game (Like Zelda or Diablo). You fight with the monsters, train your hero, learn skills, search better weapons and equipments, compose new items using your creativity...and more! Don't be addicted! You got 18 different maps to discover, 25 quests to accomplish, 21 battle skills to learn, more than 10 types of monsters to kill, more than 100 weapons and gears to choose, and unlimited possibility of composition…Those are not all. We translated this game into 7 languages so half of the whole world can enjoy it! Hope Arcuz will bring you a lot of fun!
Barney by Heyzap
The adventures of Barney is here! This is an exciting side-scrolling platform games just like Aladdin with many weapons and player upgrades.
Alien Annihilation by Heyzap
Alien Annihilation is a space shooter game where you must blow up UFOs to save the planet. Follow them from earth to their home planet where you must defeat the final boss. Complete bonus rounds for extra points.
Britney Spears Makeup by Heyzap
more complete Britney Spears make up game
Skate Dog Skateboarding by Heyzap
Skate Dog is a fun skateboarding game. Help Skate Dog Advance through 10 challenging levels. Collect bones to earn bonus points. Search out each level to find the bonus skateboard. Each bonus skateboard you collect will give you an additional doggie skate life. If skate dog jumps over the edge, don't worry because he is packed with a parachute. Race to the magic star and skate dog will advance to the next stage. Battle each stage until Skate Dog reaches the dog house.
Galo Game by Heyzap
Use o mouse para passar dos obstaculos
Thing Thing Arena 3 by Heyzap
The Torture Game 3 by Heyzap
Apple Shooter by Heyzap
Stick War by Heyzap
BoomBot 2 - FreeMiniArcade by Heyzap
Blast Boombot through 50 more challenging levels using cool new items at your disposal - fuses, boulders and planks!
Boxhead More Rooms by Heyzap
You have eight rooms to choose from to fight the zombies and try to stay alive as long as possible. You get more weapons and upgrades with the more zombies you elimiate. Watch out for the red devils, they are tough and they shoot back.
World's Worst Jigsaw #19: BandW by Heyzap
The World's Worst Jigsaw Puzzle series was inspired by some of the viral game content on the interwebs. We keep seeing jigsaw puzzle games seemingly use use intellectual property owned by other people. While a company like Mochi cannot police all the content in their system (for multiple reasons, one being that they simply don't know when something has been used illegally and need to wait for a complaint to investigate), it still makes it difficult for developers to compete when they are up against this kind of content. We decided that if we can't beat 'em, join 'em. However, instead of "borrowing" other people's I.P. we decided to make our own. Since we have no real graphical talent, we had to improvise. We definitely could not make the "best" jigsaw puzzles ever, we decided to make the "worst". We based them on all on anything we could think that would usually not be the subject of jigsaw puzzles. Each game has 5 different puzzles. There are 20 games in all.
Lollipop Dress Up by Heyzap
Lollipop Dress Up
An Agent of Change by Heyzap
You have crash landed on some retro graphic planet. Oh noes! Recover your space ship parts and go home, please!
Angelina Jolie Makeover and Dres by Heyzap
Dress up actress Angelina Jolie. She has received three Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and an Academy Award. The backgrounds you will find in this celebrity game resemble ones where you might find the character Angeline played as she starred as the video game heroine Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.
Cemet'ry Gates Chapters 3and4 by Heyzap
The next two chapters of Cemet'ry Gates, a slightly macabre point and click game.
Blockular 2 by Heyzap
Sequel to the award winning and popular Blockular. Score as many points as you can by dragging blocks around. Work out the best strategies to get big points.
Anime Character Maker 2.2 by Heyzap
Creator/generator to dress up custom anime characters or avatars, similar to a paper doll. Originally it served as a random townsperson generator, but was retooled to become a general multipurpose editor. Use it to make characters, use it for rpg character sheets, use it to draw, use it for ideas, use it for fun! This program may be one of the most powerful customizers out there, armed with many options and expandability. The goal was to simplify interface - too many programs out there require dragging or awkward placement. Tell your friends, and if you made a character, I'd love to see him/her/it!
Fish Hook by Heyzap
Help this hungry kitty to catch the fishes with the help of fish hook. You lose a life if you fail to catch a fish after you put on the hook. You can try to finish each levels successfully.      
Stagecoach 2 by Heyzap
Big Joe's Western Stagecoach Company Work for Big Joe and  help protect the Stagecoach as you take passengers around the Wild West.Upgrade the Stagecoach and buy better weapons as you fight off bandits, outlaws and Injuns in the Wild West. 9 different weapons.Lots of different enemies.upto 21 levels  of western fun.
Adam Lambert Dressup by Heyzap
Adam Lambert man fashion dress up game.
Alyssa Dressup by Heyzap
Alyssa girl fashion dress up game.
Bmw Z4 Car Coloring by Heyzap
Bmw Z4 Online Car Coloring Game.
Barbie Hidden Alphabets by Heyzap
Find Hidden Alphabets and golden coins with Barbie
Beautiful Pregnant Woman by Heyzap
Being pregnant with a big bump doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish and look great too! Pick out maternity clothes for this pregnant girl and give this mon-to-be a lovely stylish look.
Ben 10: Four Arms Slider by Heyzap
Great sliding puzzle game with a picture of Ben 10 Alien Force, Four Arms. Slide the pieces into the empty spaces to create the picture. Choose your difficulty on the top.
Beauty and the Beast 1 by Heyzap
Beauty and the Beast coloring page game
Dragon Rider by Heyzap
Description Aeowinnie's Flight : Fly on a dragon switching between three elemental powers that upgrade as you defeat enemies. Use your elemental aura to deflect attacks or charge up massive damage attacks. Features an infinite RPG like experience system. ---- A classic shoot-em-up in the vein of successful series like R-Type, Ikaruga, and Gradius. DR:AF features an RPG like experience system for dragon magic weapons, and charge attacks. ------------------------- ------------------------- ------ Controls: Mouse Mode: Use the mouse to move, and the mouse button to fire. Keyboard Mode: Use the arrows to move and SPACE or D to fire. Both: A or CTRL for previous element S or ALT for next element Q or 1 for fire W or 2 for elec E or 3 for ice
Create Future Look by Heyzap
As a kid, have you ever imagined what you would look like as a grow- up and an elder? Suppose you are this little girl, according to the current look, please choose hairstyles, eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth to create your adolescent look and your old lady look. Have fun!
Hawai Girls by Heyzap
Dressup Hawai Girls Play.
3 D Sliding Princess and the Fro by Heyzap
Click the pieces to move them and get the image of the princess and the frog. It's very funny and has a very nice music.
Ben 10 Alien Force Spider Monk by Heyzap
Ben is alien spidermonk , help him to compleate the task !
Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta Concept by Heyzap
Play this 6 scenes jigsaw puzzle games of Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta Concept car. Level up, difficulty increase. Drag and drop the pieces to their right place within the giving time!
Adorable Baby Fairy by Heyzap
This adorable baby fairy flies out to the nature for the first time. She is so curious about everything. The blossoms, the trees, and the butterflies. Please dress her up by changing her hair styles, facial expressions, clothes and wings. Enjoy!
Duck Life by Heyzap
Train your duckling to become the champion of racing ducks and save your farm. Run, swim, and fly your way to be the leader of the flock as you train and race your duck. This game has been a long time in the making. Hope you all like :) P.S. To feed your duck seed, drag some over from the pile on the menu
Winx Club Layla Dressup by Heyzap
Dressup Winx Club Layla
Discover the New Dacia Duster by Heyzap
Puzzle game - Discover the new Dacia Duster
Alien Race by Heyzap
Use left - right arrow keys for speed up.
Alien Springer by Heyzap
Alien Springer is a german version of a popular online game Alien Jumper. Get higher, pass all game levels and submit your score! That's the main aim of the addicting jumping game Alien Springer. Use arrow keys to run left and right and spacebar to jump. Hard run allows bigger jumps. Combine big jumps in order to get more points. Bounce off the wall to increase your speed. The game is over when either time is up or you are below game field level for 3 seconds. Tip: Hold spacebar constantly down to maximize your jumping potential
Kaardion By Flash Games Fan.Com by Heyzap
Kaardion is a clone of famous classic game Arkanoid! Control your spaceship through ten levels! by www.flashgamesfan.com
9/11 Jigsaw by Heyzap
In memorial of the victims of the 11th septembre.
Arkan Ball by Heyzap
The revisited classic game.
Ae Targets by Heyzap
Try to knock down all shooting marks. More accurate you hit them — more points you get.
4 Differences by Heyzap
A sequel to 5 and 6 Differences. Music by Hugh and Saturation. 13 levels, or something like that. Beat them all for great satisfaction!
Beauty Gardens Puzzles 2 by Heyzap
Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the beauty gardens. This games including 5 pictures.
Brickz! 2 Step By Step by Heyzap
Try the brand new and truly addictive sequel of famous game – Brickz! 2 Step by Step Are you already a skilled tower builder. Have you met the challenge of the game Cubiz! by Wellgames.com. Try the brand new addictive sequel of this famous game – Brickz! 2 Step by Step! Master your skills building higher tower step by step, level by level!
Atom Heart by Heyzap
Year 2017. The Earth was ruined by the series of devastating wars and epidemies. But there still are survivors. And they want to amuse themselves! You are one of the bike riders gang spending your time in a destroyed nuclear plant and having fun.
The World's Hardest Game by Heyzap
Be Skillful dodging those moving boxes. Get the coins without hitting the boxes.
Alien Tank by Heyzap
Hit the Alien Tank with rockets from your fighter by clicking the mouse. If you hit the tank 50 times you go to next level. If the tank destroys all the 20 land rockets the game ends.
Artillery Game by Heyzap
You and your tank have to defend our planet.
3 Dnoid by Heyzap
3Dnoid is a classic arkanoid game. A player controls the pad and can pick up various bonuses to influence the gameplay. Main features are: 3D design, dynamically game speed, a variety of original bonuses and numerous levels.
Basket Ball 2 by Heyzap
This is a simple and funny game in which you have to set the power and angle of the ball and throw it towards the basket accurately.
Art Painting Bird Puzzles 2 by Heyzap
Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the art painting - bird. This game including 5 pictures.
Aliens Busted by Heyzap
In the not so far future, it is possible that there will be a cohabitation of this planet by humans and aliens. And if that happens, it will probably be a peaceful one. But what if there will also be some rebel aliens, who think they can do just anything they want over here? No problem, agent Scully will be there, to bust those nasty aliens.
Aardvark Bubble Joke Shooter by Heyzap
Shoot the Bubbles they blow up and you get a new joke
Ben 10 Alien Hockey by Heyzap
Alien air hockey. Use mouse control.
Atomyx by Heyzap
Shoot the Atoms and Match 3 or more of the same color to clear them for Points.
Feudalism 2 by Heyzap
I Dont Even Game by Heyzap
How? No how, just do! Avoid spikeys, xamine cloos, think hard, and keeping to go, plz!
Press X To Jason by Heyzap
If you can't afford Heavy Rain, Press X To Jason is the next best thing.
20 Days To Survive by Heyzap
During the night defend your barricade against the ongoing hordes of zombies, during daylight you have time to search for weapons, repair the barricade and search for other survivors.
Raze by Heyzap
Edit2: Wow thanks for the great comments everyone! Because everyone's been asking for one, we will start working on an online in the near future. ;) Edit: Front Page, woo! Spanks a lot Tom! :D Battle against Aliens, Robots, and Zombies in this futuristic fight for the survival of earth. Or be the enemies and fight for the destruction of it. Controls in Game load screen and in "How to play" menu. Black Screen?: If the game shows up as all black with a "Secured by.." image, just refresh the page and it should work properly. Got Lag?: If you are experiencing lag, please change the graphics in the options, or closing any big programs you may have running, as this game is very graphically intensive. Also, if you view the game in the Popup window, it will reduce lag by a huge amount! - Created by Justin Goncalves and Addison Rodomista
Asha's Adventure Part 1 by Heyzap
Asha is eager to go on a journey and you will have to help her fulfill her wish.Use your mouse to interact, collect items and solve puzzles. Some items can be used on others in your inventory.
Art Painting Air Combat Puzzles 2 by Heyzap
Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the art painting - air combat. This games including 5 pictures.
Astro Dog by Heyzap
Help Astro Dog to leave the planet. Prepare your trip, avoid and shoot your enemies, leave the planet as quick as you can!
Alice Cute Styling by Heyzap
Alice is a very cute girl and now please help her choose the best styling.
Doo Doo Tour by Heyzap
I do not wish to work! I am bored to death with it! I need a vacation! I shall raise money, buy a tour and go on a journey. ------------ Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen to progress through the game. Collect items and use them to escape the room. Some items can be combined or used in attach.
Copter by Heyzap
drive around a helicopter and bomb people, can YOU get the high score?
Ball Frog by Heyzap
Break your way through 20 levels worth of targets in this Puzzle Bobble / Peggle style game. Destroy all the targets in a single turn for massive points!
Hoop Fever Live by Heyzap
Shoot hoops with your friends and get the best score! Play against thousands of players online in a LIVE game!
Bounce It Down by Heyzap
Bounce your way down to reach the high score!
Ben10 Alien Force Puzzle by Heyzap
A different jigsaw Ben10 puzzle game with different scenes. Find out where to put the puzzle tile and fullfill the Ben 10 alien force hero monsters. You must be fast to pleace it because time is running. Be fast and go to the leadership of jigsaw games. You can also choose which puzzle you want to make.
Ski Runner 2 by Heyzap
Freak Season on the Slopes is almost over, peeps! Strap up and hit the snow. Gobble vitamins and fruit slices for the energies- collect coins and upgrade your bad self!
Best Hockey Game by Heyzap
Ignore all those other hockey games. This is the real deal. Play as a team - pass, shoot, steal, score! And it wouldn't be hockey without fist fights. Punch your way to victory!
Alliant Dot C (Cheat Enabled) by Heyzap
The year 3087. The earth resources have finally met their end. In order to survive the human race must find another planet to sustain. After five years of research a new planet was dicovered. A planet that is already inhabited...Instructions This real time strategy game (RTS) is using the mouse cursor to select, build and order units. Press X key to pause the game. Press E,R,T,Y,U,I,O,P keys to build barracks. Press 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 keys to train unit soldier. Press W and S keys to scroll up and down. Dont forget to use the upgrade options at the starmap. For more instruction look at help section. This is cheat enabled version! CHEAT - In map press space key - gain 999 skill points - In map press delete key - open next level - In game press backspace - gain 10.000 money - In game press esc - instant win the level
Asha's Adventure Part 2 the Magic Globe by Heyzap
After Asha has successfully escaped from her apartment, she decides to embark on a journey to search for the Magical Globe, an old artifact hidden somewhere in her native city. Help Asha in her journey and find the Magic Globe that will give her the power to instantly travel all around the world!Instructions: Use your mouse to interact, collect items and solve puzzles.Some items can be used on others in your inventory.
Goosy Penguin Chat by Heyzap
Chat and make friends with other Penguin lovers.
42 Game by Heyzap
Collect exactly 42 stars to activate and enter portals. There are no enemies, conflict arises however when players’ wrong decision affect the game. Stars turn to spikes and/or walls! Use lifts, tramps, and flip switches and more in this simple relaxing game but full of complexities! You must carefully plan your way in each level because you only need to gather 42 stars, no more no less to enter the portal. Indeed, there are more than 1 way to finish each level.
Celtic Mahjong by Heyzap
Match the tile and clear all of it!
Epic Battle Fantasy 2 by Heyzap
Battle your way through waves of enemies!<br /> Continuation of the first game, now with leveling up and other upgrades.
1 Button Platformer by Heyzap
Another little mini-game, I whipped up, I think this one is quite fun and addictive.
Amber Girl Dress Up by Heyzap
Amber girl Dress up Game.
Aero Fighter by Heyzap
Flexible aero fighter. Don't leave without facing last boss. Something new waiting for you. Yahoooooo......
Online Gin Rummy by Heyzap
An easy online gin rummy card game that is ideal for new players trying to learn to play like a pro. The card game has slick controls with hints on when to draw or discard your cards as well as auto card-points counting and cards arrangement assistance. Play with computer first and if the A.I. bot is not enough smart for you, try play online against real human or other multiplayer games at http://www.bebogame.com
3 D Super Snowboarder by Heyzap
3D Super Snowboarder - Cartoon snowboarding action in 3D! Perform crazy stunts, collect coins and hit all the gates in order to complete the course with best score before the timer runs out. Use the cursor keys to steer, down key for quick turn, up key for speed boost (you have to earn it by playing well) and space to bunny hop. Use the cursor keys to rotate when in the air. Make sure you land on your feet and facing the right way. Copyright 2008 Under Siege Studio
1100 Ad by Heyzap
A free massive online multiplayer medieval strategy game. Control your land, cause horror on enemies, feel yourself as a mighty king!
Colony Hacked by Heyzap
colony but hacked

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